Tuesday 9 October 2018

RUM ML ASSESSMENT September 2018 - Day 2

After a late night of navigation we had a more restful day. The forecast was for strong winds and heavy rain to arrive by lunch time. It made it's appearance somewhat earlier!

Today was Ropework, Leader's Rucksack, Route choice, Home Papers.

We had hoped to get the Ropework done before the weather arrived. Intentions are great! Steve, Charlie and Graham headed up into Coire Dubh with the groups to suitable locations for belays, confidence roping and ropework. It was then a quick dash back down the path to the shelter of the Village Community Centre and CAKE!

The afternoon was spent completing route choice exercise and talking the assessors through them, and looking at Leader's Rucksacks and Home Papers as well as drinking copious amounts of tea and coffee and eating cake.

Then the candidates had the evening to themselves. Most opted to head back down to the Community Centre to listen to a talk on the Wildlife of Rum by Trudi, the Countryside Ranger for Rum. (useful for the 5 minute talks ;-) .

We were due for an relatively early start on the Expedition the following morning to try to beat the next band of extra bad weather which was heading our way so the assessors all had an early night!

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