Thursday 24 November 2011

A success for Cluanie and SARDA Wales

SARDA Wales held one of its two assessments for the year in November. We hold one in March and one in November. Any dogs and handlers considered ready for the Callout List are assessed over the course of three days.

This time we had Richard with Scout, and Rob with Skye going for Lowland Novice assessmend, Cazz and Tess at Full Lowland Assessment. Jim and Fly passed at Novice Mountain level. Cluanie and I were assessed at Full Mountain Search Dog level and passed with flying colours. A great achievement as Cluanie is my third Mountain Rescue Search dog and there are not may people to have graded three Search dogs. Very proud of Cluanie. She was a little star. she put so much effort in I had to quadruple her food (and she was on high energy dog food!)

The night we passed we were up at 4 am to search Cadair Idris for a missing walker. We were exhausted to say the least after that weekend.
The successful attendees on the front row with Assessors and Bodies from the weekend. Cluanie and I, and Antony and Moss are missing as we were making our way home from Cadair Idris at this point.

A big thanks to all the bodies who hid out on the montainsides for us to find, and the Assessors who watched patiently while we searched the areas.

Seeing as we missed the official photographs I thought I would include this photo of us in action!

Steve and I attended the Mountain Rescue Medical Conference in Ambleside the weekend before to find out about the latest teaching and findings in Mountain Rescue Medicine and Casualty Care.

We have just finished 3 days of First Aid training and at this weekend are running a REC Level 2 course for the BMC Club Hut Committee in North Wales.