Thursday 9 February 2017

Winter Fun

Steve and I have just returned from a two week slot in Scotland. Some was personal training and pleasure and some was working (still pleasurable!)

We got some really decent Scottish winter conditions and several decent Mountain days in. The snow arrived at just the right time for us and our first day out was up Ben Tee, a delightful Corbett just north of the Great Glen.

We then headed across to the Cairngorms for the Mountain Training Winter CPD based at Glenmore Lodge.

After that we had several days to ourselves so we climbed Corriehabbie Hill by Morton's Way (very apt for me); a long walk from the east but with easy gradients, but as you can see the choice of walking was pretty much deep snow on tracks or deep heather.

We also climbed a Graham and a Corbett., Leana Mhor and Ben Iaruinn in Glen Roy, famous for the Parallel Roads of which there are three. These are different height lake shores. A glacier blocked the exit into Glen Spean and the melting ice from Glen Roy was damned back. The lines you can see are the former lake shores as different lake levels drained or overflowed. You can read up on it on the Scottish Natural Heritage website.

This day felt truly Scottish Winter with strong gusts of wind knocking me off my feet several times which meant gusts in excess of 50 mph, and redistribution of snow as spindrift. Never underestimate Corbett days. Although the mountains are smaller than Munros, the walk ins can be longer and often there are no paths or what paths exist can be indistinct which makes for hard going.
Mortons Way, Corriehabbie Hill