Sunday 14 August 2011

Rocks and Dogs

Steve and I taught two REC Level 2 Mountain First Aid courses to the military last week. We had a great time and wish all the best to these guys.

Yesterday I was dog training in the Ogwen Valley with the SARDA Wales. Cluanie and I had two good searches. The only downside for the bodies (the people who hide for us to find) is that Cluanie has a very loud indication. When she finds a body she then barks very loudly both with them and back at me when she returns to tell me. There has been a request for ear plugs!

I am now on an excellent Geology course learning more about the Geology of Snowdonia and getting many surprises about the rocks. Steve in the meantime is busy working on converting our van into a camper van which will help both on holidays and when we teach away from home.

Later in the month we are running two Walking Group Leader Training Courses for the FSC (Field Studies Council). We also have  Mountain Leader Training and Assessment courses running in October.

Monday 8 August 2011

First Aid for Environmental Expedition

At my last First Aid course I had Theresa and David Werney as clients. They are from the United Arab Emirates and are about to embark on a round-the world tour. I have posted a link to their blog as they include a write up of their course: