Sunday 8 July 2012

Wet, wet,wet!

Had a busy few weeks.

For the past two weeks and for the next week I have been keeping my hand in with the Geography world marking Edexcel GCSE papers. I have actually enjoyed the experience which has all been on line (I have changed; before I started I was all for a red pen and paper scripts. I now am definitely converted to the idea of on-line marking which is much quicker and easier, especially in getting feedback on marking standards)

Interspersed with all of this I have had several ML days;

Another wet day; the Nantlle Ridge in the mist
I have been supervising Duke of Edinburgh groups for Kent County Council. I really felt for the students as the weather really was not playing ball. It practically rained from start to finish of their expeditions.

The Llanberis MRT filmstars with Julia Bradbury. photo John Grisdale

I have also been working on Charity and Challenge events as an ML. Also wet, as well as leading a group along the Nantlle Ridge in pretty foul conditions. Views seem to have become somewhat a rarity!

A wet day filming for Countryfile!
I also had awet morning with the Llanberis MRT filming with the BBC for an episode of Counryfile which is due to be shown on July 15th.
Busy on the First Aid for countryfile; I'm in the green had. Photo John Grisdale