Wednesday 1 December 2010

Winter is here!

Boy, is it beautiful (and very cold here). Not quite the same amounts of snow as the North and the East but it is still stunning and Pen y Pass causing its own problems for normal vehicles on the morning commute!

Tilly, our fourteen and a half year old collie is loving her warm Hurrta Jacket. These have to be the best designed dog jackets ever. I would thoroughly recommend them. Doesn't she look smart! (and warm).

me and the LLMRT in action

I ran a Mountain Rescue Casualty Care course along with Gerry and Will, fellow team members, for Llanberis Mountain Rescue Team and a few extras from Ogwen and Cave Rescue. It went well and we had lots of fun with scenarios. Hearing new members comment on the detail of knowledge required at this level I remember how overwhelmed I was on my first Cas Care course over fifteen years ago. I would never have dreamt that one day I would be teaching on the course myself!

I leave you with some scenic photos of Snowdon and Cloggy