Sunday, 10 April 2011

Needles and pain!

This weekend Steve and I attended the ECMR (Emergency Care for Mountain Rescue) Advanced training Course along with 6 other Llanberis MRT members, 2 Ogwen and 1 Sussex SRT. It was an interesting and fascinating course (if a little painful at times!) It was held at Indie on Anglesey and the weather was glorious. Not a few of us cast woeful and frustrated eyes at the mountains of Snowdonia on the other side of the Straits! However it was an incredibly useful three days.

Smiling despite the pain: Cannula in hand
 We both felt we learned loads and are really grateful to the surgeons, registrars and other medics who gave up their time to train us.

The course gave us lots of scenario practice as well as injections, suturing (thankfully, not on each other!) and needle thoracostamy.

I can see a lot of intensive training going on between now and May 8th; the date of the exam. It promises to be an intense morning; 2 exam papers, an airway practical examination, and 2 scenarios - medical condition and a trauma.

Close up!

Meanwhile, I have been elected as a Members Rep for SARDA Wales. I hope I am able to help the Association throught the following year. 
Steve practising needle thoracostamy (needle decompression to you and me!) While Brian says hello!

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