Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Busy two weeks

Cluanie and I attended our SARDA pre-assessment weekend. Cluanie worked well finding all the bodies (the people who hide on the mountain-side for us to find!) but is getting quite lazy in her returning to tell me. She prefers to stand at the body and bark (makes sense to an intelligent dog; why return all the way to the handler when they are in sight!). Unfortunately this is not good enough for assessment and so we need to put a bit of work in before now and the main assessment in November.

This last weekend we were called out to a search in Colwyn Bay to look for a missing person. We got to search quarries that the general public do not have access to, so it was an interesting afternoon. Fortunately the man turned up safe and well.

Yesterday I was enjoying the autumn sun and colours on Snowdon, leading a walk for Rhyd-y-Creuau FSC Centre. The rocks were covered with verglass and the night temperature had reached -6 C at Rhyd-y-Creuau. The views were stunning for miles around. By the afternoon the beginnings of the front could be seen with cirrus clouds in a line across the sky and the wind was getting stronger.

This morning we wake to the sounds of gales and rain; yes, typical Half Term holiday weather! I'm off to Llangollen for two days to teach Outdoor First Aid to UCLAN (University of Central Lancashire) Outdoor Education students. Looks like I'm not going to miss much, weather-wise!

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